Vesc-Art Management Vol. 06

As a response to this years' open call the exhibition will showcase works of four talented photographers and their vision of DUALITY.

Right and left, Good and Bad, Man and Woman, Body and Soul. The dominating feature of these seemingly contradicting words is not an opposition, they are rather complementing each other.

This motive serves as point of departure for numerous Eastern religions. According to a Taoist belief nothing can exist purely in itself, or for itself. Every phenomenon carries the possibility of change in itself. It can be said that the world is moved by constantly changing forces of Jin and Jang. Normally these forces are balanced, they cannot exist without each other, so the basis of unity lies in duality.

The aim of the open call is to help understand the function of these opposites that are usually the sources of our struggles in life. However the solution also lies within them. This phenomenon can be observed within every segment of life, therefore we accepted woks that touch upon this topic in the broadest sense.



Barbara Tóth
Alexandra Landor
Gábor Bácsfai
Péter Király