Balázs Veres / Full Concrete

Location: Nick Gallery, Pécs

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The exhibition of Balázs Veres titled Full Concrete foreshadows the essence of the works presented at Nick Gallery. His series constructed along the lines of materiality of concrete gives space to both strong control and act of randomness, giving a full picture about the concrete, renewing the old ingrained stereotypes. The strongly constructivist, abstract works are all reflecting different characteristics of the material, hence splitting the exhibition into various segments.

The point of departure in the oeuvre of Veres is the XYZ and RGB series where the gesture is presented through the formal execution. The works inspired by functional forms of concrete industry are an abstract mirroring of the „real” space. XYZ summing up the 3D and the RGB series showcasing the colors that are detectable all around us can be comprehended through the materiality, the proportions, the statics and their constructed character. The works using the physical characteristics of the concrete are the reliefs / concrete images made using the compression molding technology. These works that are on the intersection of sculpting and painting are products of fluidity and unexpected movement of the material. One of the innovative gestures used by Veres is the use and incorporation of colors. These typically cold hues bring a kind of ease into the image we tend to hold about concrete.

The current series of Veres reinterprets the concrete while emphasizing its functionality and its role of a basic building block. These structural elements that had been stripped off their original function and put into a new context are drawing our attention to a current issue. The series consisting of breakwaters and concrete reefs is referring to itself given that the manufacturing of cement is responsible for 8 per cent of CO2 emissions. Therefore, the elements that are meant to mitigate the consequences of climate change are also the ones responsible for its existence.

Laura Farkas

Protoplast III. (Gasho) 19x21x20 cm, 202