László Karácsonyi

(b. 1971)



In my early years I wanted to become a sculptor, though I had not found a master in this field, it so happened that I learned and then graduated as a painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. My diploma work consisted of an aluminium suit of armor as well as a photogram of the armor and thus it had nothing to do with painting. I guess I am an artist who has difficulties with tolerating the genre limits.

For me, creation itself is not only an enjoyable game of gadgeteering, but an experimentation concerning art-ontological questions. A work becomes interesting for its several contradictory layers of meaning i.e. its self-contradictions. At the same time, one may also be thrilled by an ’empty’ work towards meaninglessness. My point is to find and retain the highest level of self-identity and authenticity (in some cases even the eye-wash), as well as the further reflections of the private mysticism arising from the influential visual effects and motives of my childhood.

In the recent years, the main characteristics of my creative work are creating objects and sculptures, and painting. I am gifted with a compulsive imaging instinct. Bridging the gap between the contradictions with humour is my fundamental intension. I believe that art should not always  represent the unbearable heaviness of being, that is too serious.